Beavercreek Design Thinking Lab
Client: Beavercreek City Schools
Location: Beavercreek, Ohio
  • Four 2,000sf innovative Design Thinking Labs.
  • Movable dry erase boards on which students document ideas and can be moved between class sessions and hung on racks.
  • Labs include storage space for boards and supplies located behind presentation areas and equipped with 3D printers and laser cutters to bring students' ideas to life.
Interesting Fact: These flexible spaces were designed to put students at ease, foster collaboration and engage and support 21st Century learners.
Architecture|Interior Design|Master Planning

These four state-of-the-art collaborative learning facilities deliver newly renovated laboratory spaces at each campus. The labs are housed at Ferguson Elementary, Ankeney Elementary, Coy Middle, and Ferguson High School and will serve as one cohesive innovative “Design School.”

"So often success in education is based upon knowing the right answer. But these Design Thinking Labs are founded on the premise that HOW we solve the problem is critical to the success of any solution."
– Jeff Parker, Director of Visioning, SHP