Sycamore Synnovation Lab
Client: Sycamore Community Schools
Location: Montgomery, Ohio
  • Renovation of a 6,500sf theatre into an innovation lab.
  • Auditorium seating for more formal presentations.
  • Tiered/stepped informal seating for a more casual setting with a variety of points-of-view.
  • Moveable soft seating and lounge furniture.
  • Moveable high-top tables and stools for standing or sitting group work.
  • Work-benches/lab space for more task focused work.
  • Serves a cohort of mixed ages including 50 students from each grade level.
Interesting Fact: This space comes with a unique format for learning that includes no bell schedule. Students are able to work at their own pace on topics that make learning more personalized, allowing them to take more ownership in their education.

What started as an underutilized theater space at Sycamore High School has transformed into a multi-modal, Project-Based Learning lab. The lab was carefully crafted to serve a cohort of mixed ages and supports a high degree of interaction and connection between teams of students and teachers.

"Delivering a successful master plan for a school district requires professionals who are not only forward-thinking thought leaders but also responsive, respectful listeners. SHP delivers on those requirements and more."
– Frank Forsthoefel, Former Superintendent, Sycamore Community Schools
"No longer an underutilized theater space, the Synnovation lab includes moveable high-top tables and stools for standing or sitting group work, workbenches for more task focused work, and auditorium seating with a variety of points-of-view."
– Charlie Jahnigen, Vice President of Architecture, SHP
“We really got excited of the vision of this place. We really wanted it to look like an Apple Store. The bottom floor of it, does look like that. So that kids can be really personalized in their education process."
– Doug Mader, Former Principal, Sycamore High School