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Simply Helping People

To get to our essence, you need to know why we do what we do. It comes down to one thing: simply helping people.

We believe that...

when executed with the right blend of expertise and passion, spaces provide people with better experiences—more impactful experiences, more collaborative experiences and more truly thrilling experiences. This sense of higher purpose fuels our spirits and instills in us a deep sense of pride.

We genuinely believe that our work improves communities and makes the world a better place. Communities shape us, sustain us and bind us together. What’s at the heart of every community? Schools, businesses and communal gathering places. That’s why we’re uncompromising when it comes to designing spaces that create pathways for people to thrive, dream, create, learn and grow for decades to come.

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Art With a Purpose

Our designs are rigorous, strategic and beautiful. We constantly push ourselves and our colleagues to ever-higher standards of design excellence. Yet, for us, it’s never just about design for design’s sake. We don’t create in a vacuum; our work is shaped by the client’s purpose, needs and goals.

Our design process begins with our proprietary planning techniques, ones that consider the realities of budget, timelines and expectations. Our process ends in something remarkable: spaces that blend form and function in a manner that performs as well as it wows.

In Data Lies Insight

We consider data our friend—a close one. In fact, we were the first architecture firm in the country to bring a systematic, data-driven approach to school design—a best practice we’ve since introduced across all three of our studios.

We embrace data for its ability to lead us to smarter, better solutions of all types. From energy-use audits to end-user surveys, we love to collect and analyze the numbers. While ours is a business driven by creativity, we believe data isn’t a hindrance but a boost to our imagination.

Because Silence is Often Not Golden

We take our obligations to our clients, colleagues and the world at large quite seriously. We consider it an ethical imperative that we always advocate for what we believe to be in our clients’ best interest. This is why they never doubt that we’re on their side, and why so many remain with us for so long.

It’s by no means lost on us that what we do has a real, tangible impact on the world. So, we’re always asking ourselves how our work can help lead to a more just and equitable world at school, work, and in the communities we serve.

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