Embracing Automation and Augmented Reality

When it comes to technology, SHP is a proud early adopter—as evidenced by our appearance waaaay back in 1988 in an Apple ad that celebrated our firm for being among the first to use a CAD system.

Since then, we’ve steadily increased the ways in which we leverage technology to enhance our work. In fact, the use of data analysis, design automation, and augmented and virtual reality have become part-and-parcel to the SHP process, allowing our teams to move more quickly, keep our clients more involved and improve overall outcomes.

Analysis and Automation

SHP’s largest technology investment focuses on data analysis and design automation—practices that have powered massive improvements to both behind-the-scenes work and more forward-facing planning and documentation. This has proven invaluable, leading to fewer change orders, fewer surprises and more informed decision-making for our clients.

3D, VR and AR—Oh My!

We’re also heavily invested in 3D visualization tools that allow us to “fly through” projects in a virtual reality environment or peer behind walls within a physical one. This technology improves our ability to review changes and gather feedback in real-time, long before a building’s foundation is ever poured. This in turn instills more confidence in our clients as they make decisions—ultimately leading to better design, better results and better outcomes.

SHAPE Environments

SHAPE is a collective of creative solution-makers and problem-solvers. Ranging from software consulting and construction coordination to school campaign planning and organizational branding, SHAPE’s team delivers leading technology + resources to your organization.

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