We Treat Our People Like, Well, People

Describing what SHP does is easy: we design engaging learning environments, inspiring workplaces and enriching community spaces, like libraries and art centers. But what we do is only part of the story.


We believe in achieving the perfect balance of work and play. Everything we do emanates from a purpose-driven and energetic culture. That means we take our work and community seriously–but not ourselves. That’s why you’ll find our employees enjoying board games during their lunch hours, attending local sporting events and festivals together, hanging out during “recess” or bringing the dance party to one of our company gatherings.

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Every one of our 120+ years has been spent looking forward, anticipating and shaping the future of architecture, engineering and design. We couldn’t do that without our incredible partners and senior leadership.



Our dynamic team of architects, engineers and designers help people enrich their communities and engage in impactful, authentic human experiences. Whether their area of expertise is architecture, engineering, design, project management, finance, marketing or some other field, our team restlessly and creatively pursue opportunities for growth and enrichment. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to create lasting environments that maximize the utility, beauty and wonder of space.

We treat our people right because, well, they’re people. (Maybe that’s why they tend to stick around for as long as they do.) And we live by the credo, “The future is ours to create.”

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