Fairborn Primary School

Fairborn, OH

Project Description

Serving 1,200 students at Fairborn City Schools, this new 131,758sf PK-2 school replaces an outdated 60-year-old building that was plagued by air conditioning and furnace failures.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • Upfront exploration of community and district values resulted in the idea of “schools within a school”—creating intimate communities within the building that support the large student population.
  • The school’s multi-purpose cafeteria provides space to eat, gather, play, and perform for the district’s youngest learners, with the added fun of an indoor slide and human-sized chessboard.
  • The appropriately scaled design allows the building to deliver spaces suitable to students’ needs. A deep understanding of the district’s school day schedule and phased use of the shared spaces created a design that delivers on the district’s expectations.
  • A carefully created alternate plan enabled the district to successfully bid the project under budget while attaining their prioritized “wants” within the quickly changing construction bidding market. This process of additive design has proven to be successful in delivering on district expectations while respecting project budgetary constraints.
  • The building includes a storm shelter design compliant with the state.

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