Four Instagram-Worthy Workspaces

A lot about the nature of work has transformed over the last several decades—from the technologies we use to how often we’re expected to come into the office. But one of the most dramatic (and welcome) shifts in the modern workplace? The aesthetic. 

The offices and workplaces of yore were hardly inspired (think gray cubicle farms illuminated by harsh fluorescent lights). To be fair, those sorts of environments do still exist—for some employers, incorporating beauty in the workplace is still a low priority, and many offices are still “designed for function (not form), reinforcing the perception that work has to be dull or sterile,” writes John Coleman of the Harvard Business Review. But with today’s employers and building owners facing increased pressure to attract and retain top talent, there’s an increased interest in making the modern workplace functional and beautiful. 

When it comes to effortlessly combining form and function, the SHP team is uniquely talented (what can we say—we take the advice “Do it for the ‘gram” seriously). Check out some of our most beautiful, Instagram-worthy workplace projects below!

Curiosity Advertising

WHY WE LOVE IT: A sea of bright colors, multiple transparent conference rooms and a flood of daylighting maximize the cultural cornerstones of this Cincinnati-based creative agency: open, outside-the-box, versatile and incredibly energetic. Fun fact: This space is in a historic building that served as The Playboy Club from 1964 to 1983. The original dedication plaque was discovered during the renovation and is now displayed in the entry lobby! Stay tuned as we help our clients at Curiosity transform their next headquarters; the agency bought the former Chatfield College building last year and renovations are already underway!

The Atlas Building

WHY WE LOVE IT: A comfortable workspace for building tenants and community members alike, the Atlas Building lobby features a playful wall mural and sleek Art Deco-inspired details (check out the signage, light fixtures and the geometrical rug!). Visitors to the Atlas Building can also enjoy hidden architectural treasures from decades past; while on-site for the lobby renovation, our team uncovered beautiful original finishes that were hidden by previous remodels, including an ornate ceiling, detailed stairs and an antique letterbox, all of which were incorporated into the final design.

Kleingers Group Headquarters

WHY WE LOVE IT: Who knew a former industrial warehouse could be so inviting? The Kleingers Group wanted a modern, flexible space that allowed for better collaboration and efficiency while remaining cost-effective. Our design floods the space with natural light, and we combined plenty of natural materials with the exposed original building elements to make the office more inviting and visually appealing. We’re particularly fond of the gorgeous live-edge table and laser-cut wood wall mural—which was designed by a Kleingers employee!—seen here.

Stagnaro Distributing

WHY WE LOVE IT: Another warehouse turned contemporary workplace, the Stagnaro Distributing warehouse in Erlanger, KY boasts Instagram-worthy designs everywhere you turn. Employees and guests are greeted by a large “Drink Beer” sign (made with 1,334 real beer cans!) that reflects the Stagnaro brand; meanwhile, large windows in the central atrium illuminate a lush, flourishing living wall that infuses the space with color, texture and life.

P.S. While murals and biophilia can go a long way to making your workplace beautiful, there’s so much more that goes into making a building a true “destination” for today’s employees. Learn more in our executive brief about The Destination Workplace.