530 Walnut - Atlas Building Lobby
Client: Urban Sites
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 6,100sf renovation of the first-floor lobby of a historic building in Downtown Cincinnati.
  • The lobby and cafe area has seating for about 70 people and offers colorful, modern interiors with touches of retro style.
  • Considered one of the main attractions for tenants, Urbana Cafe serves fresh coffee and pastries.
  • The fitness center, which continues the robots motif, features weights, cardio equipment and showers for tenants.
Interesting Fact: While on-site for the lobby renovation, our team uncovered beautiful original finishes that were hidden by previous remodels, including an ornate ceiling, detailed stairs and an antique letterbox. The client loved the idea of incorporating these historic elements and restoring some of the original character of the space.
Architecture|Interior Design|Engineering

The 6,100sf renovation to the lobby of the historic Atlas building is enticing employees back to the office with details like a high-end coffee bar, casual seating options, large, open conference spaces and more. This upscale first-floor lobby is the gateway from the outside world to work for countless individuals, so SHP aimed to make the spaces as unique and elegant as possible.

"The entire first floor is seen as an amenity for tenants to use and enjoy daily. The space is designed to create a comfortable and relaxed feel, without losing the identity of the iconic structure."
– McKenzie Goyert, Interior Designer, SHP