Curiosity Advertising Office
Client: Curiosity Advertising
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 14,000sf renovation in historic OTR.
  • A combination of private, and semi-private breakout spaces, with fun and funky names like Oz, Wonderland and Whoville.
  • Original building components were reimagined and restored in creative ways.
  • Bright colors, transparent conference rooms and a flood of daylighting maximize the cultural cornerstones: open, outside-the-box, versatile and incredibly energetic.
Interesting Fact: The space in the historic building served as The Playboy Club from 1964 to 1983. The original dedication plaque was discovered during the renovation and is now displayed in the entry lobby.
Architecture|Interior Design

SHP had fun designing space for one of the city’s most prominent advertising firms, Curiosity, when it relocated to Cincinnati’s Central Business District. The design delivered an open office environment with conference rooms, huddle rooms, and an open kitchen/dining area for formal and informal meetings.

"Designing for and with other designers? Love the challenge. This space really focused on celebrating their creative process, ultimately allowing for their work (both in progress and finished) to shine. In the process we were able to create a playful and modern open office that included more than a dozen team rooms and one really sweet pitch room to help close the deal."
– Jeffrey Sackenheim, Vice President of Architecture, SHP