An eye-catching lobby with wood accents and super graphics welcomes clients and employees.
Conference and breakout areas are all adorned with whimsical names like Oz, Whoville and Wonderland.
The energized corporate culture expands to the meeting rooms as well.
The open and inviting space is unlike any other in downtown Cincinnati.

Curiosity Advertising

Cincinnati, OH

Project Description

When we hear from a client, “We’re a little different. And we like it that way.”—and when the client is a brand strategy, design, advertising and content firm—we know we’re not going to be asked to design any ol’ space. We were thrilled when Curiosity Advertising approached us to customize 14,000 square feet of corporate offices with a design that lived up to the firm’s mission to, “kill advertising as you know it.” Curiosity wanted to make a statement as bold as its mission… and SHP delivered.

The agency’s office reflects both the work Curiosity does and its company culture: bold, exciting, dynamic and whimsical. Guests emerge from the elevator into neon green lobby in the word Curiosity. Art abounds throughout the space, from floor-to-ceiling murals to carefully-curated local art and reproductions of the firm’s award-winning campaigns.

The flexible format incorporates a combination of private, and semi-private breakout spaces, with fun and funky names like Oz, Wonderland and Whoville. Meanwhile, the open-format allows designers, media buyers, strategists and project managers to collaborate whenever and wherever work needs to happen. Natural materials, bright colors, 17-foot original ceilings and natural light—from the huge floor-to-ceiling windows—make the space feel bright, airy and inviting.

Project Features

  • Original building components were reimagined and restored in creative ways that inspire a group of creatively restless individuals.
  • A fully functional kitchen, coffee bar and keg station serve as the office’s nexus.
  • Bright colors, transparent conference rooms and a flood of daylighting maximize the cultural cornerstones: open, outside-the-box, versatile and incredibly energetic.

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