Seven Hills Middle School
Client: The Seven Hills School
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Renovation and 20,000 sf addition.
  • The new facility will house grades 6-8 in separate grade-level communities.
  • Science labs, makerspaces and flexible furniture will support project-based learning.
Interesting Fact: The middle school addition and renovation project was a result of a master plan that focused on creating a hub for creativity, providing an emphasis on diversity and delivering 21st century learning environments.

The renovation and addition to Seven Hills include large classrooms with flexible furniture to support project-based learning initiatives. Community areas are separated by grade level, each complete with a common area. Additionally, the exterior provides seamless continuity with the surrounding context of the Hillsdale Campus.

"The new addition and renovation to the existing Middle School was designed to complement the existing campus. It was designed to be flexible enough to account for any learning style and included new commons areas for each grade level to gather. The addition also provided science labs, classrooms and an innovation lab."
– Brandi Bresser, Vice President of Architecture, SHP