A large rotunda with access to a second-floor media center resembles the Great Seal of the State of Ohio.
Grades will be physically separated into pods in different areas of the school, and classrooms will be grouped together by class subject. Pods will feature displays dedicated to each of the four Ohio governors from Chillicothe.
Traditional architecture will continue the design language of the district and pay homage to that of the city of Chillicothe. A community room that will allow for multiple classes to come together for group lessons; it will also be available for school board and public use.
Classrooms will allow for extra work space and storage while retaining the ability for teachers to supervise students.

Chillicothe Intermediate School

Chillicothe, OH

Project Description

The design of Chillicothe Intermediate School, grades 3-6, reflects local history, an integral part of the 3-6 curriculum. The school showcases the rich heritage of the city of Chillicothe—the first state capital of Ohio. Check out the gallery of interactive 360-degree panoramas and project images below.

Year Completed


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