Marshall Elementary School
Client: Talawanda School District
Location: Oxford, Ohio
  • A 42,800sf, two-story elementary school wing addition.
  • Grade-level pods each feature 3 new classrooms and flexible breakout zones to accommodate various activities.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, security and educational features.
  • Vibrant colors and an abundance of natural lighting throughout.
Interesting Fact: The design of the building is inspired by the theme from "Harold and the Purple Crayon," the 1955 children's book by Crockett Johnson. It is organized around the notion that a line like Harold's can be embodied in a strategy for incorporating individual children's self-expression into the very fabric of the building itself, and that this could form the basis for a tradition that might continue on in time, giving every child who passes through its halls the chance to contribute a tangible piece of the school's very structure.
Architecture|Interior Design|Engineering

The expansion of Marshall Elementary School, which originally opened in 1968, includes a two-story addition that replaces all previous classrooms and learning spaces in the building. The continuity of color and unique design features add detail to each space, telling an incredible story that Marshall students can make their own.

The students already feel at home and we are excited about the opportunities for new learning experiences in our new building.
– Chad Hinton, Principal of Marshall Elementary
My favorite thing about the project was the way that the accidental discovery of a children's book in the library led to a conceptual idea that organized the entire design of the school.
– John Noble, Design Lead, SHP