Bethany House Services Shelter
Client: Bethany House Services
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The residential wing houses private rooms for families, which can be connected or separated to accommodate families of different sizes.
  • The living quarters also include a laundry room, fitness room, and kitchenette.
  • The support services area provides space for in-house adult instruction, as well as supplemental services from outside providers, such as physical and mental healthcare.
  • A smaller second story hosts the housing program and administrative offices.
  • An enclosed central courtyard offers secure outdoor access to residents. A playground provides age-appropriate space for children and teens to enjoy.
  • The indoor children's enrichment area consists of five age-segregated rooms surrounding a central parent resource space. The hybrid rooms are part classroom and part family room to foster a supportive, welcoming atmosphere carefully calibrated to each target age group.
  • Nature inspired color selections for murals, wall paint, and furniture selections instill a sense of comfortable calm in public spaces.
Architecture|Interior Design|Engineering

The design of a new 58,000sf shelter and services center consolidates Bethany House Services’ seven existing facilities and full range of services into one central location. The facility provides relief for families experiencing homelessness, offering emergency shelter, resources and education to help families become situated on their own with the proper support. 

For this incredibly important and specialized project, the SHP team made decisions through a lens of trauma-informed care—sensitive to the way design can improve the lives of traumatized families. The new shelter makes family bonding easier and provides support and growth for the most disadvantaged members of our community.

"All families, especially those whose lives are turned upside down and inside out by trauma, need–and deserve–a welcoming, comfortable, safe place to be. This is why working with Bethany House was so professionally rewarding and personally gratifying."
– Allison McKenzie, SHP Vice President, Environmental Responsibility