Miami University Campus Avenue Building
Client: Miami University
Location: Oxford, Ohio
  • Interior renovation of the admissions area and exterior entrance upgrade of the Campus Avenue Building.
  • Interior renovation of an auditorium, waiting area, check-in counter, restrooms and a counseling room as part of our term contract.
  • Improved the design of the masonry facade of the front entrance.
Interesting Fact: The design delivers a more welcoming environment and better aligns the exterior and interior spaces with Miami's brand.
Architecture|Interior Design

Throughout the master planning process, it was clear that Miami University’s admissions area and its Campus Avenue Building needed a refresh. As a result, admissions received an interior overhaul, while the Campus Avenue Building received an exterior upgrade, delivering a more welcoming environment for prospective and current students.

"We could not have done it without help from the administration, students and of course, the community. They identified one major need: better align these spaces with Miami's brand."
– Allison McKenzie, Principal, Director of Sustainability, SHP