Liberty Branch Library
Client: Delaware County District Library
Location: Delaware, Ohio
  • New three-story, 42,500sf branch library.
  • Asymmetrical gable roof forms and rhythmic window spacing bring a sense of contemporary expression to the modern design.
  • A central courtyard space provides a quiet outdoor reading area at the heart of the plan, while simultaneously bringing daylight into many of the internal areas.
  • A second-floor recessed covered porch provides opportunities for outdoor reading.
  • Immersive technology solutions provide seamless connectivity to both the library’s catalog and beyond—allowing for video sharing and live-streaming.
INTERESTING FACT: An inverted entry canopy pays homage to the iconic Orange Branch, providing brand consistency through building imagery within the Delaware County District Library system.
Architecture|Interior Design|Engineering

SHP’s design for the Liberty Branch Library draws inspiration from the landscape and materials native to the region’s historic farming community. Approximately 42,500sf of flexible, visually and functionally connected spaces are stratified across three floors while providing a strong connection to two exterior reading gardens.

"The timeless design will continue the DCDL moniker of being the “community’s living room” while being physically located in the community, surrounded by residential neighborhoods."
– George Needham, Director, Delaware County District Library
"We located the spaces that support community-based initiatives throughout all floors of the library to provide equity and ease of access to a variety of space sizes and types, capable of accommodating different group sizes and activities. This reinforces the visceral connection between library services and the community and people it serves."
– Jeffrey Sackenheim, Vice President of Architecture, SHP
"Architects at SHP have designed a building with an attractive use of stone, welcoming landscaping and a tasteful nod to Powell’s rich history."
– George Needham, Director, Delaware County District Library