Safe and Inclusive at Seven Hills Middle School

Very few things in this world are certain, but there are a few universal truths upon which we can all agree. The sun rises in the East and falls in the West. One plus one equals two. And no one in the world has it harder than a middle school student.

That last one might be subjective, but it IS true that the years between elementary school and high school are an emotionally tumultuous period of transition. Middle school students are at a unique point in their lives where they are discovering their personal identities, flirting with real independence (and with each other), and honing the critical social and academic skills that will impact their lives for years to come. A lot of learning, and growing up, happens between the ages of 11 and 14; it only makes sense that the educational facilities where these students spend much of their time should address their unique needs.

SHP is in the business of creating environments that help people learn, grow and thrive, and we can all agree that pre-teens and young teenagers are a group that can benefit from a little extra attention and care. So when our team was tapped by The Seven Hills School to expand and renovate its middle school building in Cincinnati, we were committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where students could explore their identities, experiment with independence and more comfortably navigate the challenging landscape of middle school.

Learn more about our work on the middle school building of the Seven Hills School in our latest case study: CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS.