Winton Woods North Campus
Client: Winton Woods City Schools
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • New 248,000sf high school designed for students in grades 7-12.
  • Segmented into smaller learning communities with multi-use and digital project labs.
  • 1,500-seat arena with collegiate-sized courts.
  • 850-seat auditorium.
  • Project differentiators include distributed dining, no assigned classrooms and teacher co-work areas.
Interesting Fact: A member of the New Tech Network, Winton Woods City Schools is one of the first in the nation to implement a K-12 project-based learning model.

The design of this 7-12 high school delivers personalized, unique learning environments to meet its project-based learning model and four stakeholder themes uncovered during community engagement: Eat & Learn, Show & Tell, Community & Culture, and Inside Out.

"SHP helped our schools create and curate the vision for educational delivery for the next fifty years."
– Steve Denny, Executive Director of Business Affairs, Winton Woods City Schools
"Thank you, SHP, for being leaders in building 21st Century educational spaces for students and staff to enjoy for many years to come."
– Anthony Smith, Superintendent, Winton Woods City Schools
"The extensive facility is divided into a series of small learning communities. Each featuring an varied assortment of high fidelity learning environments. Though it might seem enormous, students easily settle into their place."
– Jeff Parker, Director of Visioning, SHP