Williamsburg High School Media Center
Client: Williamsburg Local Schools
Location: Williamsburg, Ohio
  • A 2,815sf renovation of a high school media center.
  • Versatile spaces for collaboration and productivity that offer an abundance of natural light and views.
  • Flexible seating choices including quiet zones and booth seating.
  • Technology integration for audio and video.
Interersting Fact: While the new media center primarily serves as a bustling hub for student activity, the district also utilizes the space for administrative purposes such as evening Board of Education meetings.
Architecture|Interior Design

This renovation at Williamsburg High School took an underutilized 90’s-era media center and created a vibrant, flexible and collaborative space specifically designed for students and staff. Seeking a professional setting with more of a corporate or higher education look and feel, the district wanted to provide a space where students could think and behave differently than in typical classrooms. The new space achieves this by using warm and natural colors and incorporating district branding standards.