WCM Investment Management Office
Client: WCM Investment Management
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Renovation of 4,400sf.
  • Glass-enclosed micro-offices, which provide the benefit of privacy without sacrificing views to daylight.
  • A large communal lounge space fosters interconnectivity.
Interesting Fact: To reinforce WCM’s brand, soft grey and blue tones along with pops of color and the use of natural wood panelling was used throughout the space.
Architecture|Interior Design

The WCM Investment Management office is tailored to the firm’s culture, providing a sophisticated, welcoming environment. With features like glass-enclosed micro-offices that provide privacy without sacrificing views of daylight and an ample communal lounge space fostering interconnectivity, it is the perfect facility for casual group work, client meetings, and socializing.

"We were able to reinforce WCM's brand by using soft grey and blue tones, pops of orange and yellow, and natural wood paneling. The office is unlike any project I have been a part of and certainly some of SHP's best work."
– Emilie Hart, Senior Interior Designer, SHP