Walnut Hills High School Chiller Replacement
Client: Cincinnati Public Schools
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • A reconfigured chilled water plant to increase resilience and redundancy.
  • A 3D scan of the chiller room allowed our team to import an accurate “point-cloud” into the building information model.
  • A detailed load calculation of the campus allowed our team to reduce the total capacity of the chiller plant.
Interesting Fact: The existing three modular chillers were about 20’ underground and had a total plant capacity of nearly 1,000 tons. Extracting the old chillers required the construction team to remove the roof from a delivery shaft structure. The new chillers were then specially rigged and lowered into the delivery shaft for installation.



To ensure safety and comfort in the building, Cincinnati Public Schools asked SHP to replace the chilled water plant at Walnut Hill High School, the second-largest plant in its system. Previously, there were two chillers for a traditional chilled water loop and a third for a warmer temperature chilled beam loop. Our engineers recommended a triplet arrangement with three identical chillers in parallel and a mixing valve to produce the chilled beam loop. Now, if a chiller is down for maintenance, the other two can supply all systems in the building.

"We provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the kids, but we also find strategic ways to spend on our infrastructure so that we can reinvest back into our classrooms… We’ve got the right team and tools in place."
– Lekendalle Heights, Facilities Manager, Cincinnati Public Schools