Tire Discounters Home Office
Client: Tire Discounters
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 30,000sf renovation of a six-story building in downtown Cincinnati.
  • 6-story floating stair connects all office floors and departments.
  • Designed to enhance communication and collaboration and provide opportunities for serendipitous learning.
Interesting Fact: An elevator car that was original to the building, was repurposed as a small group gathering space.
Architecture|Interior Design|Engineering

Tire Discounters’ newly renovated, six-story headquarters, located in Cincinnati’s central business district, is designed to enhance communication and collaboration while providing opportunities for serendipitous learning. The design acknowledges the retailer’s proud past while supporting the company’s future with an adaptable workspace that can keep pace with the evolving automotive industry.

"SHP facilitated an intense Workplace Strategy engagement with our executive leadership and other stakeholders at the onset of our project that challenged us to think critically about how we work today and how we image we're going to work in the future."
– Robert Oestreicher, General Counsel, Tire Discounters, Inc.
"The jewel of the space is a new six-story open-tread stair that connects all office floors and departments, and includes active huddle areas on the side of each landing. We also had a little fun and repurposed the original freight elevator cab as an ad hoc meeting space on the first floor."
– Jeffrey Sackenheim, Vice President of Architecture, SHP