Senco Global Headquarters
Client: Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The 26,000sf addition and 6,000sf renovation creates space for both corporate and warehouse team members.
  • New and upgraded spaces include private offices, an open area for workstations, huddle spaces, conference rooms and a learning suite.
  • The interior celebrates Senco's brand and the manufacturing industry, featuring metal paneling and a display of the company's current line of tools.
  • A large cafeteria space allows the team to continue doing large group activities such catering events.
  • Common area amenities include an open air pavilion for hosting outdoor gatherings and a walking path around the site.
Interesting Fact: With office and manufacturing functions now under the same roof, the office wall that is shared with the warehouse was strategically designed with heavy rubber mat to deaden loud sounds from the stamping process.
Architecture|Interior Design|Engineering

While Senco has been in the region since its founding in 1948, the new global headquarters brings employees from all divisions under one roof for the first time in the company’s history. Senco partnered with SHP to design an expansion of the existing industrial manufacturing facility on-site to house a new office environment for its 140 employees. The resulting design encourages employee collaboration and innovation while also improving quality control.

"This new facility will enable us to chart the future of that reputation through greater communication and collaboration, and allow us to continuously improve the tools and fasteners relied on by builders all over the world, from right here in our hometown of Cincinnati."
– Cliff Mentrup, CEO of Senco