Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center
Client: Mt. Healthy City Schools
Location: Mt. Healthy, Ohio
  • New 40,000sf, 400-student preschool.
  • Pairs of classrooms share a studio space and outdoor learning area, encouraging teacher teamwork, enabling flexibility and creating the seamless opportunity for outdoor learning.
  • Low windows engage young learners with the outside while leaving the walls above for the display of student work.
  • Several acres of outdoor learning space that highlight different ecosystems.
Interesting Fact: The unique “clipped corner” shape of the classrooms are a space planning solution that maximizes the balance of classroom and auxiliary learning spaces in the floor plan, as well as maintaining clear lines of sight for teachers.

This preschool prioritizes the educational needs of young learners on a site selected within walking distance to the students in greatest need. By focusing on the unique needs of early learners, such as learning-through-play and developing strong social and emotional skills, the design delivers an environment in which children can grow naturally and organically to meet the challenges of being lifelong learners.

“We had an intriguing and singular opportunity to create a new kind of school; one that bridges pre-school to first grade and fulfills important family and community needs.”
– John Noble, Design Leader, SHP
"It's always exciting to design a space for our youngest learners as they begin their lifelong learning adventure. The design for Mt. Healthy kept this in mind, creating a modern, inclusive, educational facility at their scale in order to better engage and make them at ease as they transition from the security of home to a more formal learning environment."
– Brad Witzman, Project Architect, SHP