Beavercreek Preschool Center
Client: Beavercreek City Schools
Location: Beavercreek, Ohio
  • New 18,500sf early childhood center.
  • Sliding glass doors open into the hall expanding the classrooms for team teaching and differentiated instruction opportunities.
  • The “school within a school” courtyard playfully challenges young learners mentally, physically and socially.
Interesting Fact: Sitting on a highly visible site, the Early Childhood Center is an addition to the district’s central office building, reinforcing that children are the most important resource of their community.
Architecture|Community + Stakeholder Engagement|Engineering

The gem of this new $5.9M facility, jammed with unique features at every turn, is the series of shared active learning environments found throughout the design, fostering an environment suitable for modern learners. This contemporary early childhood center also provides a safe and protected space for students to learn and grow.

"SHP was truly a partner with Beavercreek City Schools throughout the whole process. From design all the way to completion, their vision and attention to detail helped create a preschool our community will be proud of for generations to come."
– Dr. Bobbie Fiori, Assistant Superintendent, Beavercreek City Schools
"Beavercreek has a simple aesthetic influenced by many factors. For instance, the structure of the reading tower and the sunshades in the courtyard were inspired by the trees in Max's room in the story 'Where the Wild Things Are,' and the color scheme in the courtyard draws from the syncopated pattern of Bert Dow's dory in 'Bert Dow, Deep Water Man."
– John Noble, Project Architect & Design Leader, SHP