Ahalogy Office
Client: Ahalogy
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 8,570sf renovation in historic OTR.
  • Exposed brick and original hardwood floors.
  • A large bench-style work setup occupies the main floor, giving team members close proximity.
  • Smaller individual workspaces are carved into the design, offering casual seating options for employees to feel “at home” within the office.
  • Closed conference rooms for team collaboration and client meetings.
Interesting Fact: It was incredibly important to the client that the office could accommodate entire-office staff meetings and gatherings. To deliver this desire on tight square footage, a spacious huddle room opens to a loft above, providing a space that is large enough to host office gatherings.
Architecture|Interior Design

This new 8,570sf headquarters delivers a spacious yet flexible office space. The design builds upon the existing character of the building, with exposed brick and original hardwood floors. It creatively incorporates multiple unique workspaces, including a spacious huddle room large enough to host staff meetings for the entire office and several smaller spaces for employees seeking alternatives to the sizeable workbench-style configuration on the main floor.

"From day one SHP was committed to getting to know 'who Ahalogy was' and ultimately translating this information into not only a fun work environment, but a space that was conducive to getting work done."
– Jeff Busdieker, Director of Real Estate and Facilities, Quotient Technology Inc.
"As a relatively young start-up, Ahalogy had a rather aggressive budget, which meant that we had to be super laser-focused on the scale of the design intervention. But, with some creativity, a great construction partner, and some of that SHP magic, we were able to deliver a beautiful office space that captured the energy and culture of the company, complete with areas for both individual and group work -- all within the budget."
– Jeffrey Sackenehim, Vice President of Architecture, SHP
"I’ve worked with a number of firms and find SHP’s dedication to the client’s vision a core differentiator. They know how to work with, and translate, the client’s vision versus just trying to 'build another cool space' to get on the map. The result is a workspace focused on the true purpose of the client"
– Jeff Busdieker, Director of Real Estate and Facilities, Quotient Technology Inc.