Gregor Lewis

Design Director

Gregor is a passionate and highly skilled designer that has accomplished a great deal in his 20+-year career. He is particularly interested in designing radical concepts, such as a revolving vehicle showroom he designed for Volvo trucks or an elementary school on the island of Okinawa, Japan. 

Gregor has been a part of the SHP team since 2016 and is responsible for creating a vision for the client and the design team that the project will follow. He does this by considering all of the parameters of the project and looking for opportunities to create a building that will inspire people to live, work, and learn better.

After I retire, I hope to say that I was able to bring a higher level of design to communities that didn’t have access to the resources and benefits of good design,” said Gregor. “I hope someone can learn from me and rise to even new heights one day.