[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Organized. Dedicated. Patient. Thorough. Cheerful.  [/perfectpullquote]

You cannot make everyone happy, but that won’t stop senior interior designer, Jenny Gallow, from trying. She has been with SHP for nearly 15 years and has dedicated every day to ensuring her clients are not only satisfied but ecstatic about our work. Whether she is responding to specific client direction or dreaming up a design purely from imagination, she works hard to make our clients feel included and have their voices be a part of the process.

Jenny Gallow SHP“Everything. I want to do things right and make everyone happy,” Jenny responded when asked what keeps her up at night. “I do my best to ensure we follow through on the vision and wants put forth by our clients — it’s bringing others’ ideas to life that I take pride in.”

“Jenny is a talented and accomplished designer, but an even better person,” says Lauren Della Bella. “Her bubbly and kind attitude makes her a joy to work with. And truthfully, she’s one of the best interior designers out there!”

When she looks back in 20 years, Jenny says she will sleep well at night knowing she worked extremely hard for her clients day in and day out. She hopes that in her career, she is able to impact the communities she works with and create a design unique to them. 

But, the fact is, she has already done just that. Jenny strives to create a true sense of place within her designs. How? The Leader in Me concept at Chillicothe’s primary building, the Aviator Spirit at Butler High School in Vandalia, and the grade-level pods at Winton Woods were all born out of a deeper connection to the community. 

In her spare time, Jenny Gallow enjoys baking with her nephew

“I work hard to capture and celebrate the uniqueness of each community and ensure it’s reflected in the final design,” Jenny explains. “Every time I take on a project, I spend time getting to know the community— what makes it unique, what’s important — so that my final designs truly reflect the students who walk the halls.”

When she isn’t at work, Jenny loves spending time with her family (especially her dogs!), hiking and—as you can see from this photo—baking with her nephew.