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“As great as it was last time, I know it can be better next time.” Vern Hendrickson SHP

These words have been uttered by our very own director of technology, Vern Hendrickson, countless times, because Vern believes in continuously pursuing greater heights and always looking for how a project can be improved. His pursuit of perfect — while balancing realism and idealism — is one of many reasons he’s an incredible asset to our team. 

Vern began his career with SHP in 2009 and quickly established himself as a technology trendsetter. In addition to establishing how SHP uses Revit and BIM programs, he has been instrumental in helping the firm evolve our technology, modeling and design processes. Today, he is responsible for guiding SHP’s efforts to drive automation and deliver higher value out of our models and data, creating content for our projects and troubleshooting design software. Additionally, he supports SHAPE as a BIM consultant. 

“Vern is one of the most hardworking and driven people we have at SHP,” said SHP president Lauren Della Bella. “Without fail, he is in the office before the sun is up and doesn’t quit until the job is done right.”

“The BIM side of my job,” Vern answered without hesitation, when asked what excites him about work. “Helping people find creative and efficient solutions for communicating their designs and documentation is amazing.”

In about 20 years, after his career has come to a close, Vern hopes to see that SHP has elevated and differentiated itself from our peers in the way we deliver projects — constructing a building directly from the model.

Vern Hendrickson employee spotlightBut when Vern isn’t hard at work at the office he’s at home spending time with three kids! His active family enjoys activities like lacrosse, soccer and hiking. Vern enjoys flexing his artistic muscles too, by practicing the flute and the piano with his oldest child. But above all, Vern just enjoys being in their company.

“I hike almost every weekend with my kids. In fact, the more challenging the hike, the easier and more enjoyable it is for my kids,” said Vern. “A fire outside plus three happy kids equals a happy dad.”