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This just in! Our very own John Noble has been selected as a community mentor at this year’s digital SXSW EDU conference! His creativity, passion and expertise for designing special spaces for little learners speak volumes — but you can learn more about John in his own words in this week’s employee spotlight.

John Noble | SHP Early Childhood Thought Leader

With over three decades spent working in the architectural industry, John has established himself as one of the most reliable and creative architects we have at SHP. His passion for the craft, paired with his fun-loving attitude, make him a premier design leader and project architect. 

“Most of my time is spent figuring out what a project will be — from working out where the pieces of the building go, to exploring what it will look like and how it will function,” said John.  “I tend to be very involved in the beginning right up until we get into the real nitty-gritty of how the building will go together, though I try to remain available and useful throughout the duration of the project to help make sure that the original goals and vision remain intact.”

John specializes in early childhood education facilities, in order to create spaces that are designed specifically and intentionally for young learners. His attention to detail and willingness to experiment has led to more than $300M in projects. And when he’s not working on architecture, he’s teaching it at the University of Cincinnati! But for John, it’s not about the accolades, it’s all about the love and passion he has for the field. 

“To put it simply, I love what I do,” said John. “When I am at the end of my career and I look back, I hope to see that I helped make places that made people’s lives better.”

When you’re as inventive as John, you have to keep your mind as sharp as possible. Some architects turn to music or video games to relax, while others flex their creative muscles by making and creating. For John, it is a bit of a grab bag. 

“I travel a lot and read a lot and check in with Dezeen and Arch-Daily on a regular basis, but mostly I just look at what is around me and try to learn from the experience of being in different places — what speaks to me and what doesn’t,” John explained. “Currently, I am doodling on an addition/renovation of my dock. I’ve always wanted a boathouse and now that I have a small, old, second-hand sailboat, I need a space to dry the sails and store the gear.”

But even John needs a break some of the time! When he is not in the office, teaching or staying up-to-speed on the industry or doodling, he is likely spending time with his kids, dogs or boats — and sometimes all three at once! They like to take morning cruises to start the day off right.