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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This isn’t just Susan Woollum’s professional mantra, it’s practically her way of life.

If you’ve ever visited our Cincinnati office, you know Susan: she’s the smiling face you often see hustling and bustling through the office, sharing a friendly word with everyone she encounters. More than that, as office manager, Susan is the glue that holds SHP together. Susan Woollum, SHP office manager

Her positive attitude, persistence and resilience is evident in everything she does for our team: running SHP’s wellbeing program, planning all company events, and managing a million little details—credit cards, licenses and memberships, travel, logistics—the list goes on.

Susan has found much joy from her position, especially in planning our annual Play4Josh memorial golf tournament and our internal ArtsWave fundraising campaign. Every year is memorable—not to mention, bigger and better than ever.

“It combines my love of planning events with two GREAT causes. I have always loved event planning and been very lucky to do it no matter what stage in life or job I’ve had,” she says.  “I’m confident in saying I have made both of these events better. I’m proud of how hard I work and the different perspective I bring.”

In her free time, Susan works a side hustle as an independent fashion retailer for LuLaRoe. She also enjoys watching sports and playing games with her family. These games though, are not for the faint of heart; the competition is fierce in the Woollum household!

“We are very competitive,” Susan says. “We play anything from old school games like Monopoly to simple card games like Phase 10 to strategic games like 7 Wonders.”

Susan and her husband, Nick, fulfilled her life-long dream of visiting the Eiffel Tower during a 2018 visit to Paris.

Another fun fact about Susan: she loves Paris, and specifically the Eiffel Tower. She doesn’t know exactly where or how the love of this beautiful monument developed, but it’s been a passion for her ever since she was a child. She was finally able to fulfill one of the many items on her bucket list by visiting La Tour Eiffel in the fall of 2018.

“My husband and I booked our flights in January 2018 and planned/saved all year. We spent two weeks traveling between Paris, Munich and Lucerne. It was the longest I had ever been away from SHP, so that took a lot of planning ahead of time as well, considering our Fall Family Festival was the day after I got back!” Susan notes. “I’m so thankful for my job, coworkers and SHP. The trip would not have been possible without them.”