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Architecture is about more than just creating a building. To be a great architect, you must be skilled in the craft, open-minded to other ideas, passionate about the work—and that’s just to get you out of bed in the morning. Kyle Miller, project manager and architect, has all of these qualities… and then some. 

Throughout his career, Kyle has proven to be a passionate leader and a skilled architect, who isn’t afraid to envision and implement big strategic goals and establish high levels of quality. In his current role,he is responsible for making sure every project is delivered technically sound, on time, and within budget. He also manages the design team and oversees the technical design and delivery of our projects. 

Kyle Miller Project Architect SHP

But those are the mechanics of his job. Kyle is also a focused and determined leader who leads by example, guiding his team through difficult situations in the workplace while also using every opportunity as a learning opportunity.

“I love creating unique and exciting environments for our clients that inspire the occupants and create a “wow” moment in their day,” he says. “But I am most proud of my dedication to mentorship and personal growth, and of my ability to adapt to difficult situations and find a positive solution to the problem.” 

Kyle Miller looks over a mountain streamWhen he needs to escape for a bit, Kyle loves all things outdoors such as hiking, rock climbing and completing his own DIY passion projects. He even uses his free time to learn using various resources, like books and podcasts. It’s this commitment to lifelong learning that makes him the perfect addition to the SHP team.  

“I learn the most from my colleagues, as everyone has a different perspective that makes their thoughts unique and powerful,” Kyle explains. “I also spread my listening time over a number of podcasts to hear new ideas, learn new strategies, and keep up with current design trends. I love to find design inspiration in nature and through travel.” 

When his career is all said and done, Kyle hopes his work was able to inspire, amaze and “wow” those lucky enough to experience it. But he also, more simply, wants to have a positive influence on this community and the people within it.   

“I hope to look back and know that I left a positive impact on every person that was able to experience the designs I developed.”