Educating a new generation in the old generation’s hallways is not a challenge exclusive to Dover High School.

In fact, schools around the country are facing the same thing. The biggest difference? Dover City Schools had SHP on its side.

“It wasn’t just that the building was old,” explained SHP Director of Visioning, Jeff Parker. “It’s that it didn’t work for modern education. The people of Dover needed a school that promoted teaching to their kids the way they needed to learn.”

The new Dover High School delivers an open, flexible and accessible environment with carefully designed elements to engage every student. Virtually every square inch of the high school’s eight-acre site is filled with innovative ways to connect the students to each other and the community beyond. Highlights include a three-story academic wing, a 1,200-seat auditorium, an open media center—which doubles as the auditorium’s performance lobby—and extended learning areas that open possibilities for learning in a wide variety of configurations.

In our latest case study, Future Proofing the New Dover High School, we take a deep dive into our design process with Dover City Schools which resulted in the award-winning Dover High School. Click here for instant access.