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The advent of building information modeling—BIM, as it’s known in the architecture industry — ushered in a whole new level of collaboration and sophistication. This intelligent 3-D modeling process allows contractors, architects, engineers, and others more insight into a project and helps lead to a better final product. michael sullivan shp

It’s one of the many tools of the trade employed by Michael Sullivan, a designer and BIM specialist whose job it is to efficiently and collaboratively deliver high-quality design solutions across multiple client and contractor teams. 

“Building information modeling is one the most useful tools at our disposal as an architecture firm,” explains Lauren Della Bella, SHP president. “Michael makes sure the process runs smoothly and that our clients get what they need.” 

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Michael has spent the majority of his career here at SHP, perfecting his craft and working on such noteworthy projects as the FCC Stadium in downtown Cincinnati, Union Terminal, Apple headquarters, and more. But it’s his dedication to seeing the beauty in small moments that really sets him apart. 

“I love working with a team to see a project come together. There are a lot of ups and downs throughout the duration of a project, but it always ends up worth it in the end,” said Michael. “It’s the little moments that make a project special and I’ve been lucky to experience a lot of these moments. I just hope to be able to see people using spaces that I had a hand in making.”

SHP's Michael Sullivan's cat surveys progress in his backyard When he isn’t hard at work, Michael likes to practice his woodworking, gardening, and play roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and his pets. In this photo, one of his cats supervises observes the goings-on in the backyard garden Michael and his girlfriend built… from the breakfast nook Michael and his girlfriend also built!