It’s becoming increasingly clear that learning happens best in flexible spaces where learners have control to use the environment around them to meet their needs for a given moment.

Working with Sycamore Community School District, SHP designed the “Synnovation Lab” to be a unique high school space for individualized and project-based learning. In it, multiple teachers of various subjects are available to coach students as they progress through individually guided lessons in a space that offers a complete toolkit for learning. At any moment, students and teachers have their choice of personal or group space, technology for collaboration or solo work, and a variety of unique spaces for seating or movement.

An instant hit among teachers and students alike, the open and flexible space gives teachers more freedom to focus on specific content—even specific students—in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a more traditional classroom setting. For their part, students feel more empowered to own their education, work at their own pace, and implement personal interests into their studies.