Pedagogical trends, such as project-based (PBL) and personalized learning, require dynamic, engaging schools that support student-driven education. Therefore, student input is critical to how facilities are designed, built and operate. After all, who better to tell architects, designers, educators and the community how to achieve spaces that support transformative learning than the students themselves?! That’s why SHP firmly believes that today’s classroom assignment should be an invitation: design your new school!

Winton Woods School District in Cincinnati transitioned to PBL 10 years ago, and this year, opened two new campuses that reflect its innovative approach to education. But the district didn’t get there alone.

SHP and our clients at Winton Woods were recently invited to share how the district’s educational visioning and community engagement process — especially the incorporation of student voices, perspectives, likes and wonders — led to the cutting-edge, exciting and cool spaces these new campuses boast. Download a copy of our presentation, as featured at EDspaces and the Ohio School Board Association Conference, by clicking here.