[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Design rigor meets practical knowledge[/perfectpullquote]

Jeffrey Sackenheim, AIA, LEEP AP, specializes in delivering design-forward projects for clients across a broad range of building typologies. But it’s his strong focus on the intersection of corporate/commercial and educational projects that really excites him. Whether it’s design forces or construction techniques, the boundaries between these two markets have blurred, he contends—and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Jeffrey Sackenheim SHP

“In recent years, we’ve experienced a great deal of overlap between our education and workplace design clients, more than you’d initially think,” he explains. “Certain themes and trends have emerged as educational institutions have adopted more characteristics of a workplace: team teaching and learning, open and flexible environments, interdisciplinary study—which isn’t unlike inter-departmental collaboration—and more.

“The same can be said of corporate environments, which are increasingly looking to emphasize learning, teamwork and culture, for example,” he continues. “While no two clients are ever alike, some of their root challenges are. As a designer, it’s a fascinating and inspiring opportunity to solve.”

Jeffrey’s enthusiasm for design doesn’t begin and end with SHP, however. In fact, his work is driven by an intense passion for design rigor informed by the very practical knowledge gained by having grown up swinging a hammer alongside his dad.

“You have a much deeper appreciation for great design when you’re seeing it come to life at your own hands,” he says of this experience.

When he’s not at work or restoring historic structures, you’ll find Jeffrey lending his passion and expertise to any number of professional commitments. He has held various leadership positions within AIA Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Design Awards — a multi-disciplinary program recognizing the best-built environment designs produced by Cincinnati area design firms—and as the current President of the Board of CHNK Behavior Health, a non-profit group serving youth and families in the Northern Kentucky area.