Southern Baptist McCall Pavilion
Client: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • SHP has maintained a long-standing relationship with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary including work on a variety of campus studies and planning projects that have led to various student life projects.
  • Restructured 12,000sf at the main building on campus into the Welcome Pavilion to honor the Seminary's 150th anniversary.
  • Designed Towery Plaza, a formal outdoor gathering space in front of Norton Hall.
  • Additional planning and design work on the campus includes Boyce Library renovation, Honeycutt bookstore and coffee shop renovation and a housing master plan for the apartment and dormitories.
INTERESTING FACT: Norton Plaza was a 30ft wide by 40ft tall dome designed to create presence through a seamless transition from old to new.
Architecture|Interior Design

SHP has worked with Southern Baptist on a variety of projects, totaling over $12M. Most recently, honoring the Seminary’s 150th anniversary, SHP was asked to redesign and restructure the 12,000sf McCall Pavilion. As a result, visitors and new students alike can arrive at this focal point, obtain information, and familiarize themselves with the Seminary.

“SHP brought many resources, expertise, and creativity to bear on the project. Their work was characterized by ingenious problem-solving, attention to detail, respect and appreciation for existing architectural elements of campus, honest communication, and a relentless commitment to delivering a product that met Southern Seminary’s definition of excellence.”
– Dan Dumas, Former Sr. VP of Institutional Administration, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
"The pavilion provides a highly visible and welcoming entry to the campus, setting the tone and ambiance of the Southern Baptist experience."
– Allison McKenzie, Principal, Director of Sustainability, SHP