Intimate gathering and work spaces with a variety of relaxed seating and table options. A corner lounge area features high-back chairs to muffle noise while offering informal work and discussion space in a personal setting.
An enclosed multi-use conference center with mobile furniture to support the library’s vision of providing technology training.
As libraries in general are becoming more collaborative community hubs, their traditional role as a quiet oasis for independent work and reflection has waned. The basement area was a perfect place for a designated quiet zone.

Lebanon Library Technology Center

Lebanon, OH

Project Description

Back in 1980, SHP designed a large addition to the Lebanon Library. 35 years later, SHP was back to transform the library basement into a state-of-the-art technology center. The 2,550 square foot renovated space is meant to serve as a learning zone, collaborative space and quiet area.

Year Completed


Project Features

  • Individual training spaces. The center’s main reference desk offers a lower level where library staff can hold one-on-one sessions with patrons to teach them how to access library materials on an electronic reader such as an iPad or Kindle.
  • Large moveable glass partitions on the conference center walls provide transparency throughout the space. When meetings are not taking place the glass doors are opened and the room functions as a study or work space.
  • Film peel-and-stick art installations applied to the glass surfaces serve as a visual cue and safety feature for library users, to distinguish where the glass is.
  • An exterior brick color is applied to the interior palette to preserve the historic nature of the building.

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