Lebanon Library Technology Center
Client: Lebanon Public Library
Location: Lebanon, Ohio
  • 2,550sf basement renovation into a community technology center.
  • An enclosed multi-use conference/meeting room with mobile furniture to support the library’s vision of providing technology training.
  • Large, movable glass partitions on the conference room walls provide transparency throughout the space.
  • A corner lounge area features high-back chairs to muffle noise while offering informal work and discussion space in a personal setting.
Interesting Fact: An exterior brick color was woven into the interior palette to preserve the historic nature of the building. Warmer earth tones in the furniture materials balance the metal in the chairs and blend traditional and contemporary elements.

Thirty-five years after SHP’s first project with the Lebanon Public Library — back in 1980 – SHP returned to renovate the basement of its previous addition into a community resource. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the main floor, the basement area was a perfect place for a designated quiet zone for independent work and reflection. The technology-focused space offers intimate gathering and work areas with a variety of relaxed seating and workspace options.

"Imaginative, practical, attentive, talented and responsive are all words I would use to describe the professionals at SHP. They listened carefully to our vision for the project and delivered an outstanding design."
– Julie McClellan, Director, Lebanon Public Library
"Between the conference room and its mobile furniture, individual training space, and a variety of workstations, there’s no shortage of spaces to support learning, collaboration and development."
– Jenny Gallow, Senior Interior Designer, SHP