Cumulus Media Offices
Client: Cumulus Media
Location: Multiple Locations
  • Strong branding elements throughout.
  • On-air, news, talk studios as well as production studios.
  • Private offices and multi-purpose common areas.
Interesting Fact: Renovated facilities in Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Kansas City and California for Cumulus Media.
Architecture|Interior Design

Cumulus Media, which has several offices across the country, asked SHP to deliver high-tech, adaptable spaces designed to reflect the company’s core radio business. Each location offers new private offices, open office space with systems furniture, on-air studios and a multi-purpose commons area, all designed to reflect the company’s core radio business.

"The design of each of Cumulus' offices, while incorporating nationwide technical standards for the on-air studios, include design elements that celebrate both the national and local culture of the media company."
– Jeffrey Sackenehim, Vice President of Architecture, SHP