Central Elementary School
Client: Fairfield City Schools
Location: Fairfield, Ohio
  • New 90,000sf elementary school.
  • Designed with smaller learning communities to bring down the size of the building to a more approachable scale.
  • Large-scale graphics throughout pay homage to the district's heritage and traditions.
Interesting Fact: A shared "town hall" space sits at the heart of the new elementary school providing opportunities for interaction between all students within the school.

Designed to pay homage to the district’s heritage and traditions while incorporating 21st Century education, Central Elementary provides a robust learning environment for PK-8 students of Fairfield City Schools.

"I have always found SHP to be extremely responsive to our district’s needs, questions, and concerns. They are truly “one phone call away.” As a school district, we could not be more pleased with SHP and their commitment to excellence.”
– Billy Smith, Superintendent, Fairfield City Schools
"Furthering the district's 'Facilities for the Future' campaign, the $17M campus provides a modern learning environment that figuratively and literally radiates around a central community space, which is comprised of an open media center, dining room and stage. The stage is accessible from the front and back, allowing it to be a viable teaching and gathering space throughout the typical school day - extending the use of a space that would normally otherwise sit dark for a good portion of the day."
– Jeffrey Sackenheim, Vice President of Architecture, SHP