Carlisle K-12 School
Client: Carlisle Local Schools
Location: Carlisle, Ohio
  • New 206,000sf, two-story, K-12 school.
  • Extended learning areas, flexible team-teaching classrooms and furniture selection enable the district’s future-focused educational vision.
  • A locally-funded, 500-seat auditorium for students of all ages and extracurricular backgrounds is easily accessible due to the single campus blueprint.
Interesting Fact: Moving from four separate, grade-level buildings into a single K-12 building brought the unique challenge of separating grade levels to meet community expectations identified during the master planning process. The combined two-story facility is separated into sections with the preschool, kindergarten and elementary school students at one end, a middle school section in the central part of the building, and the high school on the other side.
Architecture|Engineering|Interior Design

In order to consolidate the previous four district buildings within Carlisle, Ohio, a new 206,000sf K-12 building was brought to life. The two-story facility arranges similar grade levels into different sections of the building. Enabling the district’s future-focused educational vision, ELAs, and flexible team-teaching classrooms are key to the way Carlisle seeks to deliver education now and into the future.

"Since Carlisle has such a clear vision for how they want their students to learn, including extended learning areas in the design of the building was a must."
– Mike Parkinson, Vice President of Architecture