Caesar Creek Campgrounds
Client: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Location: Waynesville, Ohio
  • Electrical service upgrades with new 50/30/20A RV pedestals for 102 campsites in Loops A, B, C and D.
  • Other upgrades include the installation of new primary cables, new utility pad-mounted transformers and new standalone stainless-steel distribution panels.
  • Improvements are expected to have a 30-year lifespan.
Interesting Fact: SHP worked in close coordination with Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Caesar Creek State Park staff and other design firms completing projects in other parks around the State. This coordination resulted in a more unified design approach across the State Parks and better coordination between the contractors.

The Caesar Creek State Park renovation was primarily a functional fix, rather than a cosmetic one. SHP replaced and enhanced underground branch circuits that allow electric connection for select campgrounds, and modified the existing utility primary service.

"[The SHP designers] are very professional on how they approach a project, interact with local ODNR staff, and all aspects of the project."
– David Kirschner, Project Manager, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
"Due to the site's increased popularity and traction in recent years, Caesar Creek was in major need of a utility overhaul. The engineering and design teams worked diligently to provide the best possible equipment without sacrificing the budget."
– Tom Poff, Electrical Practice Leader, SHP