Olive Guess

Interior Designer

Olive truly lives her values, and we’re so glad to have someone with her passion for inclusion on the SHP team. With a background in disability studies, and drawing on her own experiences, Olive’s mission is to rethink how design accommodates people with disabilities by embedding it into the design process instead of treating it as an afterthought. It’s what guides her to design creative, collaborative and welcoming learning environments in K-12 schools.

Olive’s senior project in college was designing an Inclusive Montessori Public School, work that fostered her commitment to inclusive school design. She also served as president of her college’s International Interior Design Association chapter.

It excites me to know that my designs are impacting students’ day-to-day lives and are present in their core memories being made at school. It also excites me that I get to design schools that are fully inclusive for every student, something I wish I had when I was young.