Mike Bednar

Project Architect

Mike Bednar has been a member of the SHP team since 2023 but it’s not his first time working in an SHP office. Mike graduated from Virginia Tech with a Master of Architecture and shortly after began working as a project designer in our Columbus office. He worked at another firm for a few years but has since made his triumphant return to SHP!

In his role, Mike brings client visions to life little by little each day. This includes meeting with stakeholders, drawing and document preparation, coordinating with all members of the team, and more.

In his free time, Mike enjoys studying history and gains a lot of inspiration for his work through his reading. He also enjoys discussing his various projects with his father, a fellow architect, when he needs someone to bounce ideas off of. Most of all, Mike loves spending time with his family and watching his son grow, change, learn, and become his own person.

I love the entire process of bringing people’s ideas to life, even through challenges along the way. Seeing the end product and helping make people happy is an extremely rewarding experience.