Kirk McMahon

Client Relationship Manager

While he currently serves as a client relationship manager at SHP, in his “past life” Kirk McMahon spent 30 years as a teacher, principal and superintendent in the Circleville City School District. As such, he has a unique appreciation for the challenges, opportunities and keeping-me-up-at-night worries that many of our clients face, day in and day out. 

In addition to wanting communities of all shapes and sizes to value their public education systems, another of Kirk’s life philosophies revolves around the power of learning from others. (Once an educator, always an educator!)

I love to study and learn more about the work that I do every day,” said Kirk. “Networking with the other business development staff who have been doing the job much longer than I have is how I learn the most. They have seen and done so much in their careers; they help me navigate the process.