Kellye Owens

Finance Administrator

For over 30 years, Kellye Owens has fine-tuned her understanding of the financial and administrative nuances of supporting architecture teams, clients and projects. Now she brings that deep knowledge and extensive experience to SHP as our finance administrator! In this position, Kellye is responsible for managing all financial operations, organizing and reporting financials, and maintaining the overall financial status of the organization. 

When she isn’t working, Kellye enjoys traveling and spending time with her children and her husband. The two, “empty nesters” recently moved into a new home in downtown Cincinnati, and are excited to continue checking items on their bucket list.

We are avid travelers and made it a goal years ago to visit at least one place a year that we have not yet been,” says Kellye. “I’m thankful we have the memories of our many travels over the last 20+ years!