Katy Goettl

Senior Interior Designer

“Design with purpose.” This simple yet powerful mantra is the one that senior interior designer, Katy Goettl, lives by. All of her designs are intentional, well thought out, and executed, and convey the message that the client desires, which makes her one of the best designers in the business.

As a senior interior designer, Katy is tasked with developing interior design concepts and implementation, space planning, finish selections, construction documents, and furniture specifications. This may sound quite difficult, but we assure you, Katy is well equipped, seeing she has received her NCIDQ certification and LEED AP certification, both of which indicate excellence in the interior design industry.

I’ve never been one for accolades. I hope that I made a positive impact and made someone’s day a little brighter,” said Katy. “I have seen the positive effect our buildings and designs can have on students and educators, so I want to continue to better the lives of those in our community and beyond.