Josh Cooper

Electrical Engineer

In our experience, engineers tend to have a unique penchant for solving puzzles. Josh Cooper is no exception. As an electrical engineer, Josh helps design the electrical systems for a number of SHP projects. But whatever the task at hand—circuiting electrical devices, designing lighting layouts, deciding on electrical distribution equipment—it’s the thrill of solving the puzzle that keeps him coming back day after day.

His knack for problem-solving aside, we’re thrilled to have Josh back on our team full-time after he worked with us as a UC co-op for two semesters. His professional mantra dovetails perfectly with our mission: “I can change and transform the lives of others through my work.”  

“Problem-solving is the most exciting part of my job. I am always curious to understand the reasons behind why we do things the way we do, and I love coming up with a new solution to a challenging problem.”