Jennifer Naylor

Community Outreach
Data Analyst

Jennifer Naylor is a community outreach data analyst for SHP and has held this role since 2019. She is responsible for helping school districts and their campaigns communicate with voters and encourage the passage of bond issues and levies. She takes great pride in her job and takes her position very seriously, which is why she works so hard for the communities she resides in.

Luckily, Jennifer is no stranger to politics. She is an elected Democratic Precinct Executive for Miami Township in Clermont County and her experiences on school bond committees support this volunteer work. It allows her to bring up-to-date knowledge of campaigning to the party in an effort to elect candidates.

Working in a campaign environment that focuses on bringing new schools to a community is as fulfilling as it is difficult,” says Jennifer. “Unfortunately, education is often politicized making it an easy target for frustrated voters, but seeing a new school bring life back to a community makes the challenge all the more worthwhile.