Jennifer Naylor

Community Outreach & Data Analyst

Jennifer Naylor is a client data analyst for SHP and has held this role since 2019. She is responsible for synthesizing data and analyzing trends to empower clients in their long-term facility planning process. She provides clients with data-backed facts they can utilize as they communicate with their communities, allowing everyone involved to make fully-informed decisions for the future.

With a background in public service, Jennifer understands the value of research, communication and transparency when it comes to facility planning. She enjoys working closely with clients, takes great pride in her job, and takes her position very seriously—which is why she works so hard for the communities she resides in.

“Working in an environment that focuses on giving communities the opportunity to provide their children with better learning environments is as fulfilling as it is difficult,” says Jennifer. “That said, seeing a new school bring new life to a community makes the challenge all the more worthwhile.”