Fil Anastasio

Director of Client Analytics

Fil comes to work every day with one goal in mind: make a difference. 

Fil has been with SHP for over twenty years and has had one of the most accomplished careers the firm has seen. The former Xavier MBA grad has not only designed unique brands for Cooper Creek, Franklin City Schools, Deer Park Schools, and many more but he has also been the leading developer of a myriad of iPhone apps and numerous other applications the firm utilizes.

“Fil leads by example,” said SHP president Lauren Della Bella. “He’s a huge proponent of bringing people up through positive encouragement. Though his accomplishments are impressive, I believe his leadership is his strongest skill.”

In his current position, Fil is a jack of all trades. He fuels a variety of SHP’s pre-design services, engages communities in master plan development, and brings new tools and skillsets into the firm. But what excites him most is seeing the positive impact he has on so many people’s lives.

“I hope when I look back I can say I’ve made a difference. That I helped change lives, communities, and futures,” said Fil.

“I love helping people and my job allows me to take that to a whole new level,” Fil said. “Seeing the new school buildings in communities that haven't had new facilities in over 70 years and know the change that will come from that for generations—that’s what gets me out of bed every morning. Making the world a little better place one community at a time.”